Saturday, May 30, 2015

Obama the Enabler

By refusing to even UTTER the words, “Islamic terrorist,” he is ENABLING Islamic terrorism all over the world. And everything he does to HELP them bring their atrocities to the United States is terrorism, itself. He is a TRAITOR to this country. He has a program running to bring 75,000 Islamic “refugees” to this country. How many of those “refugees” are Islamic terrorists in disguise, coming here to set up their secret “cells” and get ready to kill, maim, rape, and behead innocent people as they have done elsewhere? When Islamic terrorists commit their atrocities, he calls it by another name, such as “:workplace violence” in the case of Ft. Hood, where a self-described Jihadist murdered several people and SAID he “did it for my Islamic people.” Obama needs to be gotten rid of, in whatever way necessary, short of killing him. He needs to be arrested, imprisoned, and otherwise punished for his activities IN SUPPORT of the Islamic Jihad. Not by impeachment. He has too many powerful friends for that to work. (American Thinker)

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