Monday, May 11, 2015

Nothing Ever Gets Done

I get so tired of it. Every other day we hear about such things as IRS employees cheating on their taxes, and then getting a PROMOTION. Meanwhile, the COMMISSIONER tells us blithely that they IGNORE 60% of our phone calls because they DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to pay the people to answer them. Meanwhile, as much as 40% of the information they give us when we CAN get through to them is WRONG, and if we file based on it, WE still suffer!! It's like government employees are in a “special class” that can't be punished like human beings. And it's true! It's almost impossible to FIRE a government employee unless he's a Republican. And there aren't too many of those.

Some school; teachers and college profs “have tenure,” which is yet another way to say they “can't be fired.” Who gives ANYBODY the right to set these things up that way? Is their setup LAW? Or can they be overturned? And every day we hear about things like government employees using GOVERNMENT CREDIT CARDS to hire PROSTITUTES! And then THEY get promotions and awards. When a government employee gets somebody KILLED, nothing ever gets done about it, unless he/she is a Republican—then they are dispensed with, easily. The guy who MURDERED a woman in Ruby Ridge with her child in her arms is SHIELDED from us knowing his name until later when he gets an AWARD for it!

We do things like FIND the “lost e-mails” IRS employee Lois Lerner CLAIMED were “forever gone, and NOTHING HAPPENS as a result. They find 35,000 of Hillary's “lost e-mails” (that she DELETED, claiming they were “personal” after Congress said they wanted to see them), and nothing happens about THAT! It doesn't even slow down her run for PRESIDENT! It's like trying to catch a fish with greased hands! They try and get her to go before Congress and explain herself and she tells THEM how many times she will appear, when, and what they may ask her! Corruption is rampant in our government, and they have set up systems to avoid punishment under ALL conditions, which they can step right around if they want to ruin a Republican. (Just common sense)

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