Saturday, May 9, 2015

ISIS "Claims Responsibility"

They say, “Yes, we did it. For the glory of Allah.” Which says clearly it was an Islamic terrorist action, as far as it went, before a couple of alert cops KILLED the shooters before they could do much real damage. Yet Obama and the media STILL refuse to call it Islamic terrorism. They still call the Ft. Hood shootings “workplace violence” even though it has been proven conclusively it was an Islamic terrorist “home-grown” operation. Obama just wants to be able to continue to say (falsely) that the Islamic terrorists have never had a successful operation on my watch.” And, whatever Obama says, our media swears to it. Oh, did you notice? There's a slight difference between my headline and the one that goes with the source story. That's because I realize that there's no difference between IS and ISIS. Those fools change their names more often than they change their dirty underwear—and that's not really very often. (Mail)

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