Monday, May 18, 2015

Fat and Happy

Michael Moore is “fat and happy” in his palatial home paid for by his silly liberal ideas, most of which, if put into effect, would have ENDED us. Now he wants to “solve the police problem” that we don't have by releasing all the criminals from prison and DISARMING the cops. That would CERTAINLY cause a huge reduction in the number of LIVE cops out there. The ones the thugs didn't kill (with their illegal guns) would wisely go into other work, and we'd be left defenseless—unless the politicians let us carry our own guns or we became criminals by carrying illegally. Of course, they're never going to do that. They're too stupid. They keep doing the same things over and over and thinking it will work this time. Wait a minute: isn't that the definition of INSANITY? Frankly, I think the definition if insanity is LIBERAL. Their every idea is wrong, and they keep doing wrong things over and over. (Conservatives United)

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