Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coming For Home Schoolers

The state, cops, CPC (Child Protection Services) and the federal government are combining to make it hard on home schoolers. In this case, they used the cops to FORCE their way into the home of a family that home schooled their children, saying (falsely) that they had the power to come in and “inspect” the home to “make sure their kids are getting proper schooling.” One of the lies they told them was that they HAD to teach the kids the SAME THINGS they would be taught in school (including the political lies), which is a bald-faced LIE. But then, CPS is used to that, they do it every day. One of the questions they asked (and insisted on an answer) is about how many GUNS they had, and where they were. So they're trying to “kill two birds with one stone.” That this “home invasion” is all based on a LIE goes without saying. And the willingness of the cops to go right along with it is CRIMINAL. (World Net Daily)

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