Sunday, May 3, 2015

Showing Their Stripes

The blacks who are pushing hatred for whites, and white cops in particular, are beginning to “show their stripes.” I've said before it's a black “race war” on whites that Obama is trying to start, and what's happening in Baltimore is an outgrowth of that. It began in Ferguson, MO. And it worked. So now they're trying it in Baltimore, and it's working there, too. Yes, a man lost his life while in police custody. But it hasn't been proven the cops were responsible, just like in Ferguson. But blacks are, as usual, “going off half-cocked” before all the facts are in, shouting things like, “Kill all white cops.” Not black cops, of course. Even though many black cops have ALSO killed unarmed black men AND white men. But that doesn't advance their agenda to get a race war started with white people as the targets. (Topix)

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