Friday, May 1, 2015

Innocent...But Guilty

Eric Holder's DOJ has absolved the Ferguson, MO police department of any wrongdoing in the Mike Brown death, and exonerated the cop who shot him to death while he was trying to kill HIM (of course, that cop is still without a job and will have to move elsewhere). But way down at the bottom or the report, it said, “Even so, we found evidence of widespread and systemic racism in the Ferguson Police Department.” So we're going to give them a set of new “guidelines” for operation. Meaning, “we're taking over.” But notice they didn't mention a single piece of REAL “evidence” leading to this action. It's merely an “inference” at this point, but they're still “taking over.” That has happened in many police departments, so far—about 20 of them. We're moving toward ONE “federal police department,” using RACISM as the “prybar” to allow the feds to TAKE OVER. It's not as if the Ferguson politicians can't run their own affairs, it's that the feds INTEND to run their affairs, from now on, based on vague “evidence” of racism. (Just common sense)

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