Thursday, May 7, 2015

This Cancer Is Growing

It's happening again, this time in Charleston, SC. And as usual, it's blacks against whites. It's following right along with my warnings of a black on white race war as promoted by Obama, its chief organizer. It's growing, city by city, and as long as liberals are running those cities, it will be a continuation of Obama's race war. All but one of the victims are white, but the “powers that be” still refuse to say they are racially-motivated. This time there is no local “set-off” for the violence and they say it's all about Freddy Gray, in Baltimore. The NAACP says they're “flummoxed.” They don't know why such things are happening, which means to me, they're as incompetent for any kind of leadership role as are the rest of the liberals—or they're lying.. But it wasn't long before it became obvious what it was: “It was 60 black people rampaging through downtown Charleston, breaking bones, stealing things, destroying property, harassing, threatening, taunting.” In other words, some of the same people who did the same things in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD. And for the same reason: they can. I thinlk they were IMPORTED for this purpose (Find out who paid their way tho Charleston). One crowd of black youths beat a 61-year-old man almost to death. His “crime?” He asked them to stop beating another man. This is what happens when people wait for the cops instead of shooting rioters. (World NetDaily)

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