Friday, May 15, 2015

What? He Agrees?

A black Democrat sheriff is now saying what I've been saying for a long time: Milwaukee's black, Democrat Sheriff David A. Clark is now openly saying, “President Obama is fueling racial tensions between African-Americans and the police to justify a federal takeover of local law enforcement.” And, as I've been saying, that's exactly what he's doing by taking little minor disagreements and blowing them way out of proportion, as he (and his cronies) have done) in Ferguson, MO. Yes, an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by a local cop. Witnesses lied, and said he was trying to surrender when shot, but he was not. Then they changed their story and said he was shot in the back, meaning he was running away. That was a lie, too, put out by his “homies” to incriminate that cop, who was just trying to stay alive while doing his duty against a huge MONSTER who didn't need a gun to be “armed. That “monster” was doing his best to KILL that cop.

Obama's lap-dog attorney general couldn't find any evidence to show the cop (who had to resign before the truth came out) did anything wrong, so he said the entire police force there was racist (also without providing any proof, only inference). Then, when six cops in Baltimore, MD were accused of murdering a black man who died after being in their custody, he did the same thing, with the help of a local prosecutor, who RAN to “indict” those six officers BEFORE the facts were in. I suspect it will be found that he died from complications from his earlier back surgery which were made worse by his fighting with the cops so soon after (which completely would absolve the cops, half of which were black). All this is being done to move us toward a race war, which would give Obama an excuse to “take over” local police forces and create a “national police force.” Meanwhile, he is doing his best to DISARM Americans so his thugs will not meet a loaded gun when they come to take what is ours. (Info Wars)

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