Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Riots--Over A LIE!

RIOTS—OVER A LIE: If people would just stop and wait to get the REAL facts, there'd be a lot less trouble in life. Fact: both Ferguson, MO, and Baltimore, MD were based on LIES. In Ferguson, that giant thug did NOT “raise his hands” and cry, “Don't shoot! I give up!” before being shot to death. He was trying to get that cop's gun so he could shoot the COP to death. His ACCOMPLICES claimed he was trying to give himself up. Other people “bought” the lie, and riots ensued, Many other lives were ruined as more thugs rushed in, creating chaos, looting and burning. Some businesses were burned more than once. In one case, rioters even complained that a business they burned wasn't rebuilt so they could burn it AGAIN.

When the real facts were in, the cop was vindicated, although he lost his job and will no doubt have to move away, anyway. Since the thugs won't accept truth. In Baltimore, a man who had just undergone back surgery was arrested, and while in the wagon, he tried his best to hurt himself so he could blame it on the cops (an all too well scam). But he did it too well, and killed himself. Those facts are still up in the air now that the coroner has decided the death was a “homicide” without being able to say the MANNER of death, and who CAUSED it. Again, the thugs blame the cops, one even going so far as to say they “wanted the po-lice to be indicted.” “The PO-LICE,” not those specific cops. Never mind it is not clear that those six cops were responsible, rather than the injuries he inflicted upon HIMSELF.

I'm still waiting for the TRUTH in that case, while the locals “high-five” each other and rejoice. We may NEVER know and six MORE cops will have to move away. Or worse, go to prison. All because of a LIE and politics. We know, for a FACT, that criminals try their best to blame the cops when caught. Recently we saw the video of one guy who banged his head against the wall to injure himself so he could blame it on the cops. Yes, there ARE “bad cops.” But not in such numbers as the thugs insist. They'd be happy if there WERE no cops so they could “run roughshod” over innocent people without opposition. “Fat Boy” Michael Moore said it outright the other day; that we should DISARM the cops and make them as defenseless as WE are and let all the criminals out of the prisons. (Just common sense)

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