Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"It's OK In Muslim Culture"

This is something many people won't want to believe, but if there is ANY chance it's true, many Muslim men need to be taken off the street and “put away.” They're “members” of “rape gangs” who prey on young girls (mostly in group homes), taking them out to repeatedly rape them. And they do this with the COOPERATION of the people who run those homes and the INDIFFERENCE of the police. This is mostly happening in Britain, but with the way American “authorities” kowtow to Muslims, I wouldn't be surprised to see it here, soon. They report it to the cops, but the cops seem to be in favor of ALLOWING it, and do everything they can to stop anything from happening to these Muslim rapists, who say this is “okay in my culture.” Is it? If so, their “culture” needs to be destroyed. (World Net Daily)

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