Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just Another Excuse to Kill

I've had an epiphany. The whole idea that drawing a PICTURE of Muslim's “Prophet” is something to kill over is just another reason to kill and part of their scheme to keep our mouths shut about the true nature of Islam. If they will kill over such a trifle, they'll certainly kill over something more serious, like telling the TRUTH about Islam. So when Pamela Geller staged a contest for the best drawing of “The Prophet,” they took the bait. They swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker and two Muslim fools came to the show with automatic weapons ready to kill everybody in sight. Only one problem: Americans aren't as soft and easy to kill as the fools they had previously been killing, in a populace that was USED to being bullied and murdered by those “meanies” in ISIS and under so many other names nobody knows which outfit is which. When they came to kill, THEY were killed, themselves Immediately. Without them being able to kill a single person in America in an “up-front” attack.

And all it took was a single “traffic cop,” who killed BOTH of them with a handgun, after they were able to wound only one security officer. They're going to find that Americans aren't going to be nearly as easy to kill as are Syrians, or Iraqis, half of whom are in their ranks, anyway. And in Texas, it's even worse. Just about everybody there has a gun, knows how to use it, and is not afraid to do so. They certainly chose a bad place for their first “face-to-face” attack. They think the more they try to kill us, the less we'll dare talk about them, as it is over there. But that ain't agonna work. America whipped the British, the Mexicans, the Germans, the Japanese, and everybody else that came against us. The only wars we've lost are the ones the POLITICIANS lost FOR us. We need to take the conduct of our wars away from the wimpy politicians, mostly liberals. They have threatened to “raise the ISIS flag over the White House." America says, “bring it on!” We will never bow to a seventh century bunch of goons. We'll send them to Paradise as quickly as they reveal themselves, as we did to one of the two Boston Bombers and WILL do to the other, who has just been sentenced to death and was lee from the courtroom blubbering. He doesn't mind killing, but he doesn't want to die. (Eagle Rising)

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