Thursday, May 28, 2015

Microcosm for America

Obama wants to emulate Jamaica in its handling of “the gun issue.” So do all the other anti-gun fools. Some time ago they had such a problem with violence in Jamaica, gun violence and otherwise, that you took your life in your hands if you went to the grocery store if you were white or “beige.” The government spewed so much white hatred that a white man couldn't walk down the street without taking a chance on being shot or killed in another way. So they decided to DISARM the whole country. They decreed that ALL guns and bullets should be “turned over” to the government unless they were government-owned, or in the hands of the cops. Then the only people to fear were the cops or “government agents,” who were known for their white hatred and were not above PLANTING guns so they could send people to what amounts to a “concentration camp.” “So there we all were - government-disarmed, sitting-duck, law-abiding citizens and expatriates. Anyone can guess what happened next: the rampant and unfettered carnage began in earnest.

Robberies, kidnappings, murders, burglaries, rapes - all committed by the vast populace of still-armed criminals. Doubtless the criminals were positively ecstatic that the government had been so helpful in creating all these juicy and utterly defenseless victims for their easy prey.” That's the basic fallacy in today's “anti-gun laws.” The CRIMINALS remain armed. Because they don't OBEY laws. They CREATED a lawless society of criminals who KNEW their potential victims were most likely disarmed, and naturally “went wild,” running around in pickup trucksful oif thugs, who picked houses at random, breaking in and raping, robbing them, and sometimes killing them. All this because the government DISARMED the honest people who DID obey laws. That's what Obama and his crowd want for America, Make no mistake. That's what he's working toward. We have to STOP HIM. (Varmit Al)

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