Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where Was Sharpton?

Laylah Peterson was gunned down viciously by a black mob in a neighborhood that is 77% black, and Sharpton and Jackson are not interested (Likewise “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan). Not surprising. Laylah was only FIVE, and was WHITE. She was sitting on her grandfather's lap, and he was probably killed, too. The story doesn't bother to mention that. What nobody mentions is that the likes of Sharpton or Jackson just are not interested in making trouble over the death of a small WHITE girl at the hands of two BLACK men. All they care about is when the black men are the victims, and they're always willing to repeat the lies that are always told about it by their “homies.”. Nobody has even tried to find out the motive for this atrocity, since there's no money in it for them. The new Attorney General isn't interested, because there's no possibility of convicting a WHITE person of a “race crime” here to promote Obama's intended race war. (Tea Party News Network)

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