Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thugs In Cleveland

I'm going to use the word “thug” everywhere it is appropriate, even if the PC Police don't like it. They can go screw themselves. Nobody tells me what words to use. Ever. Thugs (white and black) are mad because they couldn't get a cop convicted in the killing of other thugs to satisfy the mob. So they're going around pepper spraying people in restaurants. People who are doing NOTHING to oppose them. People at RANDOM. And they think there's nothing in what they do to make cops want to arrest them? What a bunch of damfools they are! I often wonder who black people call when other blacks (and whites) victimize them. That the cops take longer to get there in black neighborhoods is a common complaint. I know that's a problem, but it's one they brought on themselves. The cops are slow to respond in black neighborhoods because it's there they are the most likely to be shot and killed from ambush. That's not a racist observation, It's common sense, based on reality. (Rage and War)

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