Friday, May 29, 2015

AlGore's Anxiety Attack

It must be a tizzy, rivaling the one he had when it was revealed that the globe had NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years, which caused him to have to change the name of his swindle to “climate change,” a term sufficiently “neutral” he could still use it since the globe was NOT warming to con people out of more millions. So imagine his dismay when it was found that, not only was the globe NOT warming, it was COOLING. Like it was just before it started “warming” more than fifteen years ago. I'm an old man. I was around when they were worried about “the coming ice age” as the world COOLED. I remember a many page article in Time Magazine detailing the “science” behind “global cooling.” Then, silence for a while, before AlGore started his global WARMING din. It must really be hard on Gore when the world just doesn't cooperate, and goes right on warming and cooling in CYCLES as it always has done, since long before any of us were born. (Daily Caller)

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