Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"No Constitutional Right"

Gay marriage is NOT a “constitutional right.” Being gay might be nobody's business but your own, but nowhere in the Constitution does it recognize your RIGHT to be gay. Thus, there is no legal basis for militant gays running around to bakeries and DEMANDING they bake cakes for gay weddings then RUINING them when they refuse. They can ALWAYS go to another bakery. They are NOT “blocked” from getting that cake by the refusal of ONE bakery to do it. This refusal does NOTHING to inhibit their lifestyle. Meanwhile, the bakeries are backed by an UNDENIABLE constitutional RIGHT to practice their religion as they see fit, which somehow, everybody ignores—and that includes the right to REFUSE to do business with ANYBODY if to do so violates the tenets of their religious faith. Any “rights” the gays claim are SPECIOUS (phony), anyway. Whereby the rights claimed by religious people are REAL and enforceable (IF somebody would ENFORCE them). Any action against them for PRACTICING their rights are AGAINST THE LAW. This has nothing to do with their “right to be gay.” I have nothing personal against what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms. But when they try and FORCE it on me, I DO. (NewsMax)

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