Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Not A Mistake!

Jeb Bush answered the wrong question when asked a “gotcha” question about whether or not he would have gone into Iraq, knowing what he knows now. But he answered it as if the questioner had asked if he would, NOT based on what we now know. In either case, my answer would be, YES. Saddam was a KNOWN Islamic terrorist SUPPORTER, and thus a LEGITIMATE TARGET. No, we didn't find large stores of “weapons of mass destruction” there, and that is not surprising since we “dithered” publicly for ELEVEN MONTHS on whether or not to invade before we did. He had plenty of time to ship them to Syria so we COULDN'T find them. He probably thought he'd escape punishment if we couldn't find them. WRONG! He got his neck stretched, anyway. But the fact remains invading Iraq WAS a good idea. When Obama pulled out, it was an “engraved invitation” for SOMEBODY to come in and take it back over. And ISIS (whatever their name is) was ready and waiting to do that. So now we've lost all the things people DIED to achieve there because Obama RUSHED to “cut and run.” (Press TV)

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