Thursday, May 14, 2015

Getting Sick Of It

I'm getting really sick of the so-called “controversy” that is going on right now, to discredit the cops, who mostly keep the peace quite well. While there ARE a few “bad apples” among the cops, they are largely honest and well-meaning people who only want to do their jobs and go home at night with all their body parts still attached. But the CRIMINALS (aided by a president that WANTS to get a race war started so he can “tighten the reins” on us all, aided by such “race whores” as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, use it as an excuse to riot and LOOT with impunity. And such incompetent politicians as the Baltimore mayor ALLOW it by telling their cops to “step back and give them room to destroy things.” The only more STUPID thing I've ever heard a liberal politician (and it's hard to choose the most stupid remark) say is when Nancy Peelosi said, of the Obamacare legislation, “We have to pass it to find out what's IN it.” How do we GET such FOOLS running this government? That's pretty easy: we don't have a system where we demand voters be INTELLIGENT and have SOME knowledge of history, both recent and long range, before they're ALLOWED to vote. Thus we get the people Rush Limbaugh calls, “low-information voters” making decisions on our “leaders” without having any idea what they're doing. We need to start making sure voters have at least a rudimentary knowledge of what's going on in order to vote. One way might be to raise the voting age by at least ten years to give teenagers time to LEARN something before they can go out and vote in all the stupidity liberals promise us. (Just common sense)

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