Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Blue Lives Matter, Too!"

Declaring war on the cops is probably the biggest mistakes liberals have ever made. They're creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” They accuse cops of wantonly killing unarmed blacks when they're not doing anything of the sort—as a group. Now, the cops will spend more time looking over their shoulders than they do finding and helping punish criminals, and they WILL become “trigger happy” in self defense. Yes, there are a few “bad guys” among them, but as a whole, cops do a hard, thankless job, and they mostly do it well. There are cops killed every day in America, but except for local coverage, you never hear about them. One of the most recent was a female cop, the day before she was to take maternity leave. Another was a CADET who hadn't even had a chance yet to BE a cop, who saved a man's life and was killed doing it.

These are the stories you don't hear about because the media seems to have a certain enmity for the cops. And they're taking a cue from Obama's nasty rhetoric about cops. Whenever a cop does something wrong—or APPEARS to do something wrong, they have a “field day” with it and cause riots, looting, and a killing spree. But when a COP dies, they're not interested. They're right: “Black Lives Do Matter.” But ALL lives matter. And cops are the only thing we have between us and the savages; moreso as more and more laws get made to disarm the populace. The feds aren't satisfied with the result in the Cleveland case, where the prosecution failed to prove that cop's bullet was the fatal one. So they're going to “further investigate” it and come up (again) with a “report” condemning the entire police force, accusing them of systemic racism, so Obama can take control of yet another local police force in his quest to control ALL local policing. (The Blaze)

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