Friday, May 22, 2015

They're Getting Cocky

I have nothing against blacks. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS. In a confrontation in a New York park, a militant black thug told a white man “You should be bowing down to me because I'm black. I judge this individual to be a FOOL. Black OR white.” I remember a time when a restaurant in NC called the COPS on me because they THOUGHT I was black and was trying to eat there. I'm not saying that was right, but how far would this black man have gotten with such arrogant blather there and then? He'd have been lynched! Obama has whipped up so much hatred among blacks for whites it doesn't matter that racism had almost “gone away” in this country. They ignore the fact that there are more black mayors, police chiefs, cops, governors, and senators on all levels than ever before. Even in the South. They're PRETENDING racism is rampant,and it is: black against white racism. and, after listening to Obama's rhetoric, they've gotten cocky. More cocky than white people EVER were. We're getting close to the race war Obama so dearly wishes because whites will soon stop taking the crap the blacks are handing out. He says we're all gonna die, and he's right. But all blacks are gonna die, too. So what? The biggest cause of death is BIRTH. Not all blacks are this stupid, and that's good. But those who are will inevitably influence those who are not. (Conservative Byte)

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