Monday, May 11, 2015

Muslim Pulisher: "She's Worse!"

Surprise, surprise! Muslims fear Pamela Geller worse than they do ISIS! Pam says, “They’re really getting hysterical. And this speaks volumes: they’re clearly much more threatened by, and much angrier at, me than at the Islamic State (ISIS). I am worse than beheadings, mass slaughter, mass rape, sex slavery, and all the rest. Arab American News has now declared what it thinks is the real enemy: me. What will other Muslims in the U.S. Do?” The funny thing about it is the very idea that people at Arab American News are “afraid of ISIS, which is THEIR creation. I really needed a good laugh, and this took care of that for today. Usually liberals take care of the need for laughter, but today, the Muslims did it. What's really funny is they're accusing Pam (one small woman) of what THEY are guilty of. Big, bad babies! Afraid of a little gal. I guess they're just not used to women who speak for themselves. They can't intimidate her, and that frightens them, no end! (Freedom Force)

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