Thursday, May 7, 2015

IRS "STEALS" $100,000.00

Again proving themselves to be a bunch of thieves, the IRS decided (in it's “wisdom”) that this convenience store owner was holding a lot of cash, but keeping his deposits purposely below the $10,000.00 threshold and, without any kind of warning, TOOK all the money out of his account and told him they'd give back HALF of it if he signed a “deal.” They say HE must take it to court, at his expense, after they STOLE all his money, to get it back. That's how the swindle works. Take away all his money than tell him to go to court, at HIS expense, to get it back. This effectively RUINS him and puts him out of business—all WITHOUT court proceedings, or even notification in advance. It's thuggery, and the IRS is becoming KNOWN for it. (Personal Liberty)

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