Sunday, May 10, 2015

Can't Trust 'Em

The world has always assumed that the “evidence” provided by outfits such as the FBI is really “evidence,” and not faked. No more The FBI has now CONFESSED that they've been routinely faking evidence to “get their guy” for a long time, and have routinely sent innocent people to their DEATHS. When a forensic specialist, for example, tells a jury something, the jury has no way to know if he/she's lying or not. So they have to take the word of this person. If he/she's lying, his/her lie goes into the record. That's why so many innocent people are in prison. I know, I know; everybody in there is “innocent.” But with this recent revelation, I'd bet a lot more innocent people are in prison than we'll ever know. And this article only talks about the FBI. But it would be just as easy for the “locals” to fake evidence to “get” people they “know are guilty, but can't prove it.” This brings into question EVERY conviction ever handed down, anywhere. (Survival Joe)

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