Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Voting With Her Vagina"

 That's what Kate Harding says. Who's Kate Harding? Kate is a writer for a little known obscure feminist magazine called, “Dame Magazine” (whatever the hell THAT is). I've never heard of it. It probably has TWO readers. She's voting for Hillary. “An informed electorate is essential to a functioning republic. Once the scale is tipped by the uninformed or the deliberately destructive, we cease to be a republic, and we become an idiocracy.” This fool is an excellent example of that “idiocracy.” I've got something else I might vote with, but I don't announce my stupidity (if any) to the world, as she did. We have way too many people like her voting. People who pay no attention to politics and are thus IGNORANT of the facts. But they still can vote. We need to do something about that. The writer of the article linked here makes a reasoned argument against this fool's arguments, but it is not needed. The title alone is enough to tell any intelligent person Kate is STUPID, and her arguments are irrelevant. (Last Resistance)

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