Friday, May 15, 2015

Starting A Race War

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Barack Obama and his “compliant” liberal media are working HARD to get a race war started by making the current “rebellion” against the cops a racial thing when it's NOT. He doesn't care that he will get some people killed in the process. The so-called “victims” are mostly black, yes. But many of the cops who are named are black, too. How does that make it a “black thing?” In Baltimore, HALF the cops the local state's attorney rushed out to charge with murder are black. How does that make it racism? The “victim” was a small-time crook with a long “sheet” (just like in Ferguson, MO) who had just had back surgery before he took up fighting with the cops. How does that make it that the cops MURDERED him?

It's like the stories about  a man dying after a stun gun is used on him. The stun gun gets blamed for his death, not his propensity for fighting cops. Why is Obama trying to start a race war? He has been working toward that end since the very moment he took office. After promising that electing him would “forever end racism in America,” he set out to make everything from disagreeing with his policies to spitting on the sidewalk racism. He knows if he can get enough people on his side, he can make tighter laws and regulations than he could, otherwise—and that's what he's after. The most COMPLETE power he can manage. (Survival Joe)

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