Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Unbelievably STUPID!

I've often said politicians are incompetent. They have proven me correct by the things they do in running our country. There isn't an economy run by a politician that is not broke. Some because they just have no idea how to handle money, and others because the politicians have stolen too much of it. And yes, bureaucrats do most of the actual running of it. But the fact is, bureaucrats are politicians, too. They just don't have to get elected, just appointed BY those who DO get elected. And their “terms” are longer, or shorter, depending on whether or not their appointers get caught. This particular politician is so stupid he can't even tell a believable lie. He hems and haws and tells different stories in the same paragraph. Sometimes in the same SENTENCE. First he said categorically that NSA did NOT spy on Americans. Then he said, “Yes, they did. But by accident.” How do you create the software that allows you to listen in on millions of people “by accident?” This man categorically LIED to Congress. Will he be punished for it? That depends on who his friends are, and how powerful they are. (Survival Joe)

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