Friday, May 8, 2015

The Wrong Approach

“Just three months ago, over the course of just a few hours a mob of hundreds of Muslim radicals destroyed almost 70 churches, killed ten people and injured hundreds more. And what did the Christians do? They whined a bit, then FORGAVE them. They'll never know that the way to stop such things from happening is to KILL as many Muslim radicals as they can. As long as ONE Muslim radical remains alive, ALL Christians are in danger. And it remains difficult to separate the radicals from “moderate” Muslims. Yes, I know, under the Christian religion, killing is “not the answer.” But killing these people IS the answer, whatever your religion. Islam is called the “fastest-growing religion” in the world. Why? Because they KILL those who refuse to convert, and they kill those who change their minds and join another religion, while killing all the Christians, Jews, and members of other religions as they can. A “religion” that depends on KILLING is no religion at all, but is a murderous cult, and needs to be done away with by killing ALL its members who favor “killing Infidels (Infidels being ANYBODY who is not an “approved “ Muslim).” (Eagle Rising)

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