Sunday, May 10, 2015

Think ISIS Isn't Here?

The Islamic terrorists themselves tell us they already have 71 trained terrorists already IN the United States, in 15 states, just “waiting for orders” to commit mayhem on OUR streets, and bring the horrors we've seen in MUSLIM countries here. Obama says they're NOT here, while he's working HARD to get as many more here as possible before they get “the order” to strike again—after it will no longer be “on Obama's watch.” They've already got five major targets mentioned (with more to come) and their people are “ready to go” at a moment's notice. I think it's noteworthy that, even though ISIS itself BRAGS that the Garland, Texas failure was theirs, Obama STILL refuses to call it Islamic terrorism, NOR will he allow anybody else he controls to do so. If America (not Obama) doesn't get off its butt and DO something about this, we're DOOMED. Not because ISIS is so good, but because we're GIVING it away! One of the things we MUST do is ARM as many good citizens as possible so Tojo's remark about there “being a gun behind every blade of grass” will come true for the Islamic terrorists. (Sooper Mexican Conservative)

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