Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Will This Be Big News?

A New Orleans Housing Authority cop was shot and killed in his squad car. Will there be riots? Looting? Fires? Will the national media even NOTICE? Probably not, Because it's a COP who was killed, not a young, unarmed, black male. The liberal media is so predictable I feel quite confident in saying I do not expect to see much about this in anything BUT the New Orleans media—and not much, there. Because a COP getting shot and killed doesn't do ANYTHING to advance Obama's wish for a black hates white race war. And Obama cares not for a cop dying unless it supports his plans. It pains me to watch the liberal media work to help Obama advance his plans. It's plain what they're doing, but they do it, anyway. It's like they don't care that we know it. (Fox News)

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