Thursday, May 14, 2015

Peddling Snake Oil

That's what Obama and the liberals are doing, first in Ferguson, MO, and now in Baltimore, MD. They took one incident in each city that could be MADE to look like cop misconduct and lied about it, ruining the lives of several good cops and causing much rioting and looting by the local criminals (thugs), who willingly helped. Aided by the liberal media, which ran 7 stories about police misconduct vs. ONE about the misconduct of local CRIMINALS, Making it SEEM like the COPS are “out of control,” when they're NOT. They did it to “whip up” anger against the cops so they could “send in the cavalry and “take over” the local cops, one city at a time, by “investigating” them and issuing mew “regulations” for them to follow—regulations that gave the feds COMPLETE CONTROL of the policing in that area. It is the “creation of the new SS in America," and must be STOPPED. (Town Hall)

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