Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What the Media Didn't Tell You

Here are 17 things the media didn't tell you about what went on in Baltimore. First among them were that Gray was fighting the cops all the way, and they didn't WANT to “secure him” in the wagon so they wouldn't have to fight him some more. That he was armed and had a long record. That the policy that prisoners MUST be “secured” was a new one, and those cops might not have even been aware of it yet. They also didn't know that the prisoner who told about Gray trying to injure himself so he could blame it on the cops now “feared for his life.” From the cops or from his thug friends isn't made clear. Not only that, his recent back surgery wasn't mentioned, anywhere. It seems to me this whole thing was ENGINEERED by local politicians (liberals, who don't like cops, anyway) to paint the cops in a bad light so they could put more limits on them. (News Max)

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