Friday, May 15, 2015

Drudge Must Be Destroyed!

Drudge is successful. He is outstripping all the “major news sources” in the WORLD in his importance. He is eminently successful. He is an ACHIEVER! Therefore, he MUST be destroyed, according to the liberal media. There is NO WAY he can be allowed to continue to make those rubes look so stupid, they say. Now they've even conned the feds into “taking over the FCC” (it wasn't too hard) so they could put “limits” on what he says, thus “muzzling” him. Ever since he exposed the fact that the liberal media “spiked” important stories because they might make the administration look bad, he has been increasing in influence, and the liberals hate that. To them, failure is success, and he must NOT be allowed to continue to make them look bad. The liberal media whines that Drudge “has no competitors,” but they can't really (honestly) do anything about that, so they turn to the liberal GOVERNMENT to “muzzle “ him. Limbaugh was right when he said, “The media is just now admitting they don't know how to equal Drudge, so they want to come up behind him and stab him in the back” (paraphrased, but accurate). (World Net Daily)

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