Thursday, May 14, 2015

Against Good Sense

The biggest problem today is not guns. It's not socialism. It's not punishing achievement. It's not ANY of those things by themselves. It's those, and many other things that represent governing AGAINST common sense. It is a majority of politicians governing against common sense and IGNORING those who tell them different. Punishing achievement is still at the top of the list. I have to gag every time I hear a politician talk about “the rich paying their fair share” when they're not only paying their fair share, they're paying MOST of the income taxes paid—period. And that's by the government's own figures. Next in line is thinking that they can stop gun violence by DISARMING honest people, leaving them DEFENSELESS before ILLEGALLY-armed criminals that have NO problem getting their guns. They call their “gun laws” “common sense laws,” but they're ANYTHING BUT that. Thinking you can defend yourself by DISARMING yourself it the HEIGHTS of stupidity, but when we try and tell them that, they IGNORE us.

Leaving our borders open while Islamic terrorists are pouring in by the thousands, making plans to kill people in wholesale fashion for not “ believing properly" is STUPID, but Obama is DETERMINED to do so. Not only by leaving our borders open, but by IMPORTING them by more THOUSANDS, calling them “refugees.” Talking about taxing “the rich” more than others is IGNORANCE. It kills INCENTIVE to achieve because when you do, some fool in Washington who had no hand in EARNING it takes it away from you. Yet a MAJORITY of politicians in DC talk about this constantly. Liberal politicians running big cities cause those cities to go bankrupt while suffering from high rates of violent crime. All the big cities that have such problems today are being run by liberals, and have been for many years. That this is INCOMPETENT government goes without saying. When Islamic terrorists come to my town to kill people, I want to be able to shoot back, and give them the only kind of a message they understand—a bullet in the brain. (Just REAL common sense)

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