Friday, May 1, 2015

"Obama, Shove It!"

That's what 280 juniors at Nathan Hale HS in Seattle told Obama. While the rest of the students were taking the “Common Core” tests, they stayed away. After the testing was finished, they returned. About HALF of the rest of the junior class opted out, too. Which is a pretty good indication of the mood of the American population on “Common Core.” You'd think Obama'd get the drift and do away with it. But he's determined, as usual, to force his will on the people any way he can. So the program will continue, and look for PUNISHMENT for “opting out” to begin soon. That's how Obama overcomes reluctance to bow to his “orders.” Select those who do, and PUNISH them, HARD.. Like “New Math,” another stupid idea that preceded “Common Core,” the whole thing is a disaster and who knows it better than the people who are expected to LEARN from this confusing, overly hard-to-understand system? (Weasel Zippers)

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