Thursday, May 21, 2015

"It's All THEIR Fault!"

That's what the Sheriff claimed after he and his men threw a “flash-bang grenade” into a house, that landed in a baby crib, which tore off the face of an eleven-month old child and almost burned him to death. They say that because they feel that the child's mere PRESENCE in that house when they raided it on the basis of a false warrant claiming a $50 drug sale had been made there—which had not happened (no evidence of lawbreaking was found in the raid) was “an attack” on officers (by a sleeping BABY!). They also threw his father down on the floor, breaking his “rotator cup,” and that was their fault, too. Everything was their fault. They made the mistake of seeking shelter from a known drug dealer (the cops knew, they didn't) when their own house burned down. According to the sheriff, they should have KNOWN they were subject to being “storm-troopered” by the local cops in the middle of the night, and thus the sheriff is completely blameless, It makes me sick to read about this kind of thing because it should not be happening in America. But it is happening way too often today, which feeds the Cop hatred that is being PROMOTED by Obama and his goons so he can “take them over.” This sheriff and his goons need to be “taken down” and REMOVED.They are completely devoid of common sense. (Personal Liberty)

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