Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don't Think We've Won

We've “beaten back” most of Obama's ill-advised measures to disarm Americans recently, but don't get overconfident. He has more tricks up his sleeves than any of us can imagine. He's a MASTER con-man. Next up is his “Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty” which, if it is approved, will allow him to FORCE Congress to pass a minimum wage law. Then he said it will make it better for “high-end manufacturers to operate more efficiently” (Like, “if you like your doctor or hospital you can keep them?"). If this treaty is ratified by Congress, which requires only 2/3 majority of members PRESENT on the day it's presented for a vote to pass it, it will also give him authority to further restrict our access to, and use of guns for self-defense. The treaty mandates every country signatory to it create, and maintain, a registry of gun owners, overseen by the UN, a body run by dictators and thieves. This treaty effectively “gives away the store,” and that means our sovereignty, which is what Obama is after. If it passes, the “foot is in the door” for the UN to DICTATE our laws, regardless of the Constitution.This bill could become LAW this week, so you'd better act fast. (Eagle Rising)

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