Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Inflammatory Rhetoric?"

Yes. It is. Whenever you tell the truth about Islamic terrorists, the “rhetoric” IS “inflammatory” (to Muslims). And Pamela Geller does a good job of it. Why the Muslim terrorists haven't murdered her is beyond me. I guess they think they can “murder” her in the courts the way our courts rule FOR Islam every time it gets a chance (with Obama's praise). Who knows: maybe she was the intended target of those shooters if they had gotten beyond their car trunks with their automatic weapons (which I'm sure were legally owned). But the media calling what she does “inflammatory rhetoric” diminishes it in importance in their reports while masking the fact that they IGNORE what she says. And if SOMEBODY doesn't take what those Islamic terrorists are doing seriously, we're going to lose. Not because we're so weak, but because our politicians and our media are weak and just don't recognize the threat until it is too late. Islamic terrorists are HERE, even if Obama and other liberals fail to see it. (Mail)

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