Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Dumb And Dumber"

One of the problems we have today is ignorant actresses who know nothing about anything, but pretend to tell us what to do because ignorant people ;LISTEN to them because “they're famuss!” The latest entry in this is Susan Sharandon, who knows exactly NOTHING about either politics or economics, but who blames Ronald Reagan for “the poor.” As if he CREATED them. What she doesn't know (and never would realize) is that DEMOCRATS have been almost EXCLUSIVELY in charge during the last fifty years, on all levels. They're not much good at GOVERNING, but they're experts at “getting elected” in spite of the fact that their policies don't work, and have NEVER WORKED. Therefore she “bad-mouths” a good man who actually SOLVED many of the problems CAUSED by Democrats over the years. Another example of this is Cheryl Crowe, who says we should be limited to ONE SQUARE of toilet paper each time we “wipe.” The fact that this does not work is completely lost on her, and I'd hesitate to shake her hand, any time, if that's how she does it. (The Guardian)

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