Tuesday, May 5, 2015

State Rapes Citizen

They used to own a successful bakery. Then a lesbian walked in and demanded they bake a cake for her gay wedding. Following their religious beliefs (which gays call bigotry—as if they had the right to say what bigotry IS) called it bigotry and went to the Justice Department, of all places. The DOJ responded and a court found them guilty of bigotry, in spite of the fact that forcing people to go against their “deeply held” religious beliefs was AGAINST the Constitution. Then a judge subjected them to “cruel and unusual punishment” by levying a fine of more than $100,000.00 on them and included all their possessions in what could be taken. They've lost their business and are broke now. All based on an UNCONSTITUTIONAL judgment.

That judge isn't FIT to be on the bench if he (or she) comes up with such insane decisions, and should be DISMISSED with prejudice. This case proves that under Obama, the government will do just what it WANTS, in spite of being against the Constitution, since nobody seems to want to do anything about it. What makes this case so really bad is that the same thing happened in reverse: a conservative couple went into a bakery run by a MUSLIM family and asked for a cake containing some religious (Christian) quotes—and--guess what? They refused—and nobody said a word to them. Here's the good thing: Rev. Franklin Graham is setting up a fund for people like those ruined in this story. Gays will probably call this fund “bigoted,” as usual. (The Blaze)

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