Sunday, May 31, 2015

Only A Small Distance

It's only a small distance from ALLOWING the murder of unborn, defenseless babies to REQUIRING it. And that's being proved in Sweden, where they now want to REQUIRE abortions on government orders. Obama wants to REQUIRE people to pay into a fund to finance the murder of infants here in America, which is much the same thing. It hasn't been made law yet, but it's what our “illustrious president” (damned fool) wants. Frankly, if I were ordered to pay into such a “fund,” I would tell them to do a “reverse birth,” using whatever orifice is available. When I was born, I would not have believed that infanticide would someday become “the law of the land,” and that people who are AGAINST killing babies would be ostracized and prosecuted for it. Society is going absolutely BONKERS! (World Net Daily)

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