Sunday, May 24, 2015

Liberal Stupidity

There is no better illustration of liberal stupidity than people who criticize a judge for refusing to “sacrifice a cop” to public sentiment, and convict him of manslaughter, just to please the crowd in Cleveland, Ohio. He was one of MANY cops who were shooting at two men who led them on a “merry chase” and got themselves killed, was stupidly charged with manslaughter in the case. When a judge refused to “sacrifice him” to the wishes of the crowd, in spite of his possible INNOCENCE, he was criticized for it. If he had, it would have been an instance of liberalism out of control. I'd say, yes, the cops overreacted excessively in firing 137 times into the car after it stopped, and INVESTIGATING that cop IF his gun was found to have fired the fatal shot was required. But he was NOT ALONE, and “sacrificing” him was not, in any way, called for.

He didn't need to take the full brunt of the reaction. And those people in that car bear some of the blame, too. If they hadn't run for 22 miles in a chase that involved 100 cops, it wouldn't have come down to a killing. And the cops DID think somebody in the car was armed. It was impossible NOT to under the circumstances. It's all a product of the “Kill Cops” movement. He was found NOT GUILTY of manslaughter, but still faces departmental charges, so he will not go unpunished, even if the department advises no punishment. Being TWICE forced to wait to find out his fate while not getting paid IS punishment. Manslaughter and a prison term is way too much punishment under the circumstances. He is not without blame, but let's keep it fair. The shooting prompted a federal investigation (surprise, surprise!) and they decided the Cleveland cops showed a “pattern of excessive use of force and violation of people's civil rights.” Surprise, again! One more city under federal control. (The Blaze)

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