Monday, May 18, 2015

Banning The Flag

Comprehensive HS in York, South Carolina got a complaint, (Most likely from a Muslim) about the flags this student was carrying in his pickup and had done for more than a year. So the told him he'd have to “put them away” because they had “received a complaint.” In AMERICA, they got a complaint about flying the AMERICAN flag, and told him to “take it down.” They first said it was because someone was “offended” by it. Then they changed their story and said it was a “safety hazard” (Are they the cops. Or what?) . Before Obama and the rest of his liberal cronies got in power, such a thing would be impossible. Of course, the school “confiscated” (stole) the flags while he was in class. Being a “good southern boy,” he isn't taking this lying down, since he and members of his family have served this country with distinction. So he, his parents, and a LOT of other people, mostly war veterans, staged a demonstration outside the school, whereupon the school immediately caved, and said he “could fly his flags is he wantsta.” (Last Resistance)

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