Sunday, May 10, 2015

It's NOT "White Oppression!"

The federal government—and local government want you to think the “problems” in Baltimore (and Ferguson, MO) are because of WHITE oppression of black people. WRONG! The REAL problem is that, like most big cities, they are run by black liberals who have no idea what they're doing. And yes, I said, BLACK, not “African-American,” that liberal-coined phony word for black people. Liberals, black and white, are responsible for ALL the major problems we have, both in major cities, and smaller communities. In Baltimore, black liberals are IN CHARGE, and have been for some time. The population of the city is 60% black. The mayor is black, as are the police chief and city council president. 48% of the police force is black, and they're Democrats. Seems to me this is a problem brought on BY Democrats and black people PRETENDING it's a “white problem.” The same is true mostly in Ferguson. And the REASON is so Obama can take control over the nation's police forces, starting with Baltimore, and create “the new SS.”. “[T]he dirty little secret that no one wants to admit is that Baltimore, and so many other urban areas and inner city communities in America are a reflection of the abject failure of liberal progressive socialist policies as advanced by the Democrat party” (Says Allen West, a black man). (Tea Party Bulletin)

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