Saturday, May 23, 2015

Running From Danger

It makes me physically ill to see troops that are supposed to be on our side RUNNING from the enemy as they come to take back what American soldiers DIED to take. It was an amazing picture to watch Iraq soldiers FLEEING in the trucks and helicopters WE gave them, to save their own asses at the cost of other innocent lives. Now people are dying in Ramadi while they rest, far away. Their action could have been predicted when Obama gave the order for OUR troops to “cut and run” from Iraq without finishing the job. Finishing the job means KILLING every Islamic terrorist we could find, without mercy. It's the only thing they understand. Either we kill THEM, or they kill US.And if we don't kill them, they kill hundreds, even THOUSANDS of innocent civilians. The Iraq president says he will “take it back quickly,” but I seriously doubt it. To take it back would require some soldiers who are not cowards. And I don't think he has any to call on. (The Daily Mail)

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