Monday, May 4, 2015

GOP Stabs Us

Where? In the back, of course! They COULD have defeated the vote on anti-gun fool Lynch for AG at several points, but McConnell fiddled with the rules on several occasions while many of the Senators who had pledged to vote against Lynch (and DID, in a vote that didn't count for anything) flipped and voted FOR her. I don't know who got to him, but it's so obvious that SOMEBODY did, it isn't even funny. But if the anti-gun fools think they've won by what they did here, they're WRONG. This is ONE BATTLE in an ongoing war in which WE have won most of the battles and will continue to do so. Americans INSIST on being able to defend themselves! They KNOW the cops can't do it. All they can do is “document the crime” and MAYBE apprehend the criminal, LATER. AFTER the damage has been done. Guns, in the hands of honest Americans who are ON THE SCENE when crooks try and victimize people CAN make a difference (and HAVE, on many occasions, no matter how much gun grabbers say otherwise). And laws to keep criminals in prison longer if they USE a gun in the commission of their crime can keep them off the streets longer, if they're just USED, and not “waived” to get convictions in other crimes. (GunOwners of America)

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