Sunday, May 17, 2015

UN to Judge Us?

The United Nations should not be given the right to “judge” Americans in ANYTHING. But Obama is getting ready to give them that power to “sit in judgment” on our human rights record. An organization MADE UP of human rights violators “sitting in judgment” on OUR human rights record! That's like asking the FOX to “sit in judgment” on the movements of the chickens in the coop! How stupid IS Obama? To give an organization NOT governed by the Constitution, while themselves guilty of human rights violations the right to judge US? Among the “bones of contention” are “police shootings of black men” and “NOT closing GUANTANAMO." Since when is closing our holding prison for war criminals a subject we need to give the UN the power to question? I still think we should just SHOOT them when we catch them in the act, instead of sending them to GITMO, which only gives them a reason to raise questions, which ignorant liberals jump all over. (Minuteman News)

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