Wednesday, May 13, 2015

War Against Christianity

“City officials threatened a Virginia church with misdemeanor charges for having pro-life signs on their own property. Who needs ISIS when you’ve got government bureaucrats?” I guess the First Amendment doesn't mean ANYTHING any more with even LOCAL governments taking their cue from Obama ignoring the Constitution as long as nobody of any consequence does anything about it. So now comes a LOCAL government threatening CRIMINAL charges against a church for posting anti-baby murder signs on THEIR property. The government bureaucrats sent a letter to the Valley Church of Christ telling them “SOMEBODY” complained about a couple of pro-life signs on their church property and informing them they had ten days to remove them or face CRIMINAL charges—on what legal basis, I can't fathom. but apparently those bureaucrats think they have some legal basis, regardless of the Constitution. I'm sure this church will fight this usurpation of their rights. I'll be interested to see how it comes out. (Last Resistance)

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