Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"That's Old News!"

That's what Hillary's people say about Gowdy's investigation into Hillary's actions with regard to Benghazi. They say since a half dozen committees have ALREADY examined it, there's “nothing new under the sun” for him to discover. Yet he HAS discovered something new. That the other committees have only interviewed ONE person who was THERE on that fateful night, proving that none of those committees really WANTED to find out what really happened, but only wanted to provide a “dog and pony show” to convince America they were DOING something, without really DOING anything. They did their thing, diddled around for a while spending our money, and shut down without learning ANYTHING, because they didn't WANT to learn anything. Gowdy's committee is a little different, and for that he's getting “friendly fire” and the usual “run-around” from Hillary. Now HE says he will “accept Hillary's word” if she “testifies, under oath” that there are no more e-mails for them to see, which tells me they're going to shut down without doing anything, too. It's “business as usual” in DC. (Tea Party Politics)

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