Friday, May 22, 2015

She Spent the Money!

When the Clinton Crime Foundation reorganized as a result of Bill becoming president, somehow $17 million dollars went missing, the loss hidden in all the confusing “financial statements” that were filed. But will the Clintons be properly punished for “losing track” of that money? Not a chance. Just as with the $60 million “lost” by the State Department while she was Secretary of State, it will be “stonewalled” and “obfuscated” until it becomes “old news” that she will not discuss—and NOBODY will do anything important about it. Meanwhile, the Clintons are $77 million dollars richer, not even counting their combined “speaking fees.” It amazes me the way the Clintons go through life, breaking law after law, while the people who should be taking them to task slumber. (World NetDaily)

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